Industrial Pre-Shipment Inspection

In international trading, whenever the traded goods funds are transferred from buyer’s bank to seller’s bank through a letter of credit (LC), and whenever a mandatory inspection requirements is placed in the letter of credit, the goods must be subjected to a Pre-shipment inspection conducted by an independent third party inspection company, like ACES GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES.

Once the inspection process is positively concluded, an inspection certificate (or Certificate of Inspection) is issued by the third party inspection company and delivered to the seller. The seller will refer to its bank to receive the funds by delivering the Inspection certificate (or Certificate of Inspection) along with other documents recalled in the LC; such as bill of lading, certificate of origin, packing list, etc.

What we do

  • We provide Pre-shipment inspection services for trading operators everywhere in the world.
  • Our independent Pre-Shipment Inspection program (PSI) help ensuring that goods traded complies with the specified requirements of Purchase Order, Proforma invoice and Letter of Credit, in terms of quality, quantity, packing, marking and loading.
  • Our Container stuffing program aims to ensure that all traded goods are loaded in a safe and appropriate condition in containers.
  • Our Cargo loading program makes sure that all cargo loadings are safely loaded and stored on board the vessel.
  • At the end of the inspection process, we provide our clients with an Inspection certificate (or Certificate of Inspection) certifying that quality, quantity, packing, marking and loading of goods subjected to inspection are in compliance to the specified requirements of Purchase Order, Proforma invoice and Letter of Credit.

True benefits to our clients

  • Reduce risks along the supply chain – We help sellers ensuring the quality of their goods. We protect buyers from trading risks.
  • Save money and time – We help our clients preventing losses, shortage, non-conformities and delays due to incorrect or defective goods.
  • Protect financial exposure - We help buyers assessing the quality and quantity of the goods, before payments transactions.
  • Competency guarantee – Trough our multidisciplinary team of experts we provide comprehensive business solutions to our clients.
  • Flexibility – Our services can be tailored to the individual needs of each customer.


Following to a note released by the Central Bank Of Libya, all goods imported into Libya must present a Certificate Of Inspection issued by an international inspection company like ACES GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES to allow these shipments to be financed through a letter of credit issued by a commercial bank.

ACES GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES is currently undergoing accreditations with other countries.
More information will be provided in due course.


We are a leading provider of technical and inspection services with a global footprint.

With offices situated in ITALY, USA, CANADA, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA, CHINA, UAE, INDIA, RUSSIA and AZEIRBAIJIAN, we provide Pre-Shipment Inspection services in more than 65 countries.

We help traders assuring that the traded goods are precisely what they are supposed to be and ultimately looking after the interests of both buyers and sellers.


Should you be interested, please contact us today to find out more on our comprehensive range of services, and on how we can assist you.


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