Managed by competent coordinators, dedicated to each single Customer

Provided by Highly qualified and extremely
competent technical inspectors

ACES GQS can meet the needs of any customer, ensuring that the products they ordered are consistent with the requirements of the order and legislative requirements.

Our long and consolidated experience in multidisciplinary inspection services has built our sense of dedication towards our Customers and an organisational approach aimed at understanding and meeting their needs and expectations.

Our Company’s structure and the attitude of the staff within us are focused to provide a right-first-time service to our customers through the supply of a professional technical inspection service that ensure product / process quality minimizing risks of delivery delays, operability, safety and environmental impact.

Inspection services are managed by competent coordinators, dedicated to each single Customer, fully supported by Technical personnel, and organised through proprietary software; each inspection service is documented through comprehensive report that present the inspector’s findings in a clear and detailed manner; in addition ACES GQS can enhance project management, communication and file sharing with Customer and Inspector via a web portal. The flexibility of our structures enables us to provide Vendor inspection services even at short notice.

Inspection services are provided by highly qualified and extremely competent technical inspectors, fully conversant with the International codes and standards and familiar with legislative requirements, duly qualified and certified for several processes such as Non Destructive Testing, welding inspection, metallurgy, coating inspection, electrical inspection (ATEX / CompEx) and others, with wide experience in process / product inspection; they are severely assessed through our verification scheme and selected from an extensive team of technicians available around the globe.